Child Abuse Pediatrics Consult

Welcome to our secure communication site.

Emergent consults for PEDs, or physical abuse and neglect concerns: please page the child abuse pediatrician on call directly by dialing (317) 312-2911 and then entering your complete phone number (including *extension) followed by the # sign. You may also reach the child abuse pediatrician by paging through the operator at 317 944-5000. DO NOT ASK FOR THE “PEDS DOCTOR” (Almost every doctor at Riley is a Peds doctor = pediatrician).

For Non – emergent consultations please call the office at (317) 274-7401 and let us know you have a consult.

For child sexual abuse concerns call the Pediatric Center of Hope – (317) 274-7377. After hours call the IU Health operator at 317-944-5000 and ask for the Pediatric Center of Hope Nurse On call. Please DO NOT complete a PEDS referral for child sexual abuse concerns.

Please use the links below to access the referral forms for PEDS referrals, and for submitting other questions and documents.

If you are submitting additional information for a referral already made, please use the” other requests/secure e-mail button.”

PEDS Referral Form
Other Requests/Secure Email
Case Consultation Outcome Form