Child Abuse Secure Email

Emergent consults please page the child abuse pediatrician on call directly by dialing (317) 312-2911 and then entering your complete phone number (including *extension) followed by the #sign. You may also reach the child abuse pediatrician by paging through the operator at 317-944-5000.

DO NOT ASK FOR THE "PEDS DOCTOR." (Almost every doctor at Riley is a Peds doctor = pediatrician).

For non-emergent consultations please call the office at (317) 274-7401 and let us know you have a consult.


Phone Ext.

Non-emergent consults: contact the office at 317-274-7401 (Monday – Friday 8-4)

All cases: this form must be sent through this secured form or faxed (317-278-2587)

Any records/CD’s of images requested by the on call physician should be sent to that physician’s attention to:

IU Child Protection Program
c/o Riley Hospital
575 Riley Hospital Dr.
XE 040
Indianapolis, IN 46202

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