Child Abuse Outcome

Emergent consults please page the child abuse pediatrician on call directly by dialing (317) 312-2911 and then entering your complete phone number (including *extension) followed by the #sign. You may also reach the child abuse pediatrician by paging through the operator at 317-944-5000.

DO NOT ASK FOR THE "PEDS DOCTOR." (Almost every doctor at Riley is a Peds doctor = pediatrician).

For non-emergent consultations please call the office at (317) 274-7401 and let us know you have a consult.

Today's Date
Child's Name
Magic #
Is abuse and/or neglect able to be...
Where was the child initially placed?
Where is the child now?
Was the consultation with the IU Child Protection Team helpful?
Did the consultation influence your plan of action?
How can we improve this program to better meet your needs in the future?

* Contact the IU Child Protection Program office at (317) 274-7401 with questions.